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Are you ready to create the career that makes you happy?

A word from the author

Loving what you do for a living shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s your right. In this book, I will help you prioritise what is important to you and show you how to build a career that makes you happy.

Say goodbye to your boring job. It’s time to get excited about a career that fulfils you. 

This book will get your mojo back.

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Jeff Weigh

Are you feeling;

tick Dissatisfied with where you are in life?

tick Like you can no longer motivate your team?

tick Unfulfilled at work?

tick Unhappy, and finding it affecting your mental health?

If you are wondering why, the short answer is:
This is work, yet this isn’t working.
You’re not alone.

Being STUCK Isn’t Permanent

Jeff Weigh has reignited hundreds of stuck careers by making things super simple. With his 6V’s model, you’ll discover what’s most important to you, where you really want to be, and how to get there.

You’ll be challenged and encouraged all the way through the book with questions and exercises. If you commit to doing the work, your life will change. Guaranteed.

Chapter 1


‘The important thing about a problem is not the solution, but the strength we gain in finding a solution. – SENECA THE YOUNGER

Your alarm is set for 6:30 am. This gives you enough time to hit the snooze button, up to four times on average1 and check your social media before thinking about work and making your way to the shower.

Can’t you see, the problem has already begun?!

You’ve already lost 36 minutes of your day, but perhaps you don’t realise this because you’re caught up in your routine. However, in reality, your routine isn’t serving you well. In fact, it’s become a bit of a grind.

Showered and dressed, you can’t resist checking your social media once more before heading off on your commute.

Breakfast on the go. This has been the case for some time. You tell yourself that your first coffee or tea or energy drink will kickstart you into action once you get into the office.

On your commute, an average of 59 minutes in the UK2, you allow yourself to be distracted by any number of things, including listening to music, reading the news, playing games, checking your social media, messaging friends and getting a heads-up by checking your work emails.

Before you know it, you’re there. Back at your workplace. The one you left 14 hours ago. Stepping through the door, you’re already telling yourself: let’s do this, or here we go again – another day, another dollar! For some of you this has evolved into: same shit, different day!

Once your drink has been made and some transactional conversations have been enjoyed with Barbara in Accounts and Dave in IT, it’s time to face the daily grind and do some WORK. Whilst this is work, it isn’t really working.

Today, like any other day, begins with you opening up your emails and checking what’s come in overnight or first thing. This process can take you anywhere between 10–15 minutes, if you’re disciplined. If you’re not and you allow your-self to go off down a rabbit hole checking random emails or allowing yourself to be distracted by team members arriving at work, it can take between 30–45 minutes.

That’s the first hour gone, time for a refill.

It’s 9:30am and you’re bracing yourself for the first in a series of back-to-back meetings that will take you up to lunch. Short on time to brief your team, or your co-work-ers, you deliver a couple of key messages and hope that this sets them up for the day. Dan, the designated number two in the team, will have to pick up the rest. With little or no opportunity to refuel or pee, you ponder where your next caffeine fix will come from.

Meeting follows meeting follows meeting and, before you know it, you’re back at your desk trying to catch up and understand what you’ve missed. Only you don’t ever really catch up. You just take work home instead. And you don’t really get the time to understand what you missed because that’s gone and been dealt with already. You can already see how the afternoon goes because you have that clear picture in your head …

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Amazon reviews:

“Jeff is articulate and clear in his writing, and persuasive in his arguments. Highly highly recommended.”

“This is truly a book for everyone to help them on their life and works journeys. I can’t wait for his next book.”

“Had a chance to read and interact with the author, and I feel like this book hits the mark when it comes to a not-so-far-fetched approach to get out of your professional rut.”

“The book is also very relevant to many people right now, so if you are feeling stuck in life, then this is the book for you!”

“The 6 V’s provided some much-needed clarity and realignment, and I’m really enjoying putting them into action!”

Jeff’s book provides a practical guide for people who want to take more control of shaping their futures …
Jeff has many years’ experience as an educator, facilitator and trusted advisor. The depth of his knowledge is transmitted in the human stories and practical strategies he brings to life.

Mike Pegg


Jeff has had a profound impact on the culture of our business, and in particular – our leadership team. He takes time to listen to people, to really understand their personal values – while at the same time challenges them ferociously to be the best person they can be.

Phil McNulty


Books are made for certain times … and Jeff’s book is made for now.

Kirsty Mac


This book will help you:

Feel empowered and no longer stuck.
Find joy and satisfaction in your work.
Make the changes needed to your work situation.

You can do this, and you deserve this.